How to convert FAT32 to NTFS

This time it will be extremely short but I hope that it still will help someone to save large files on external usb disks or sticks. I bought new external USB hard drive for my HDVD player and I was very surprised, that it wasn't possible to store large .mkv files with 1080p rips on it. Well, the sice of the file was more than 4GB of data, which is the limit for FAT32 system.

So I have started to search on the internet for quick way, how to convert such partition in NTFS system. There was alot of articles describing different kind of utilities, which will do the job for you. But then I found out, that there is very simple way how to do it under Windows XP/Vista. These systems have small utility included, which would gracefuly do the job in few of minutes. So plug the USB disk into your system, open command console and type:


It will take just a few seconds and the drive system will be converted from old FAT32 to new shiny NTFS - and best is that all your data are kept on the partition with no harm!