How to fix the startup freeze in PSPad

As many as other developers I am using one of the best text editors under the sun called PSPad. It is developed by Jan Fiala from Czech republic and it is distributed as a freeware! I can recommend it to everyone who needs universal tools for editing plain text or is programming, it has included alot of functions for formatting, parsing, comparing and also validating your code. The only problem what I get last times is very weird freeze on start of the application - and I have done some research and here you can find how to fix this issue.

When you try to edit some file, the software is started at the moment and the file itself is loaded immediatelly, but then you will see some kind of freeze when you can't write anything in editor and the software stops to react for something like 2 seconds. This issue is very annoying when you need to open and save alot of small files directly from the harddrive since you need to wait few seconds after opening each file.

At first I was thinking, that the problem is caused by some network stuff - I was assuming that application is trying to ping or request some web address for checking the new version or something like that. I started to play with network setting like proxy address and so on and nothing helped. Also the problem was occuring on offline machines aswell so I decided that the source of the issue has to be somewhere else.

I have started to examine all possible menus in application setting and was trying to switch on/off some options, which can possibly affect this behaviour. And then found it - in Settings > Program Settings > System integration you will find Integrated scripting support, which is enabled by default. When you switch this option Off, the freeze will magically disappear. I Tried to contact the autor and he confirmed to me, that this option is causing the little freeze on some particular systems and I can savely disable it.

So if you are already using this lovely app, enjoy the fix - and if you don't, dont hesitate and give it a try - you will not regret!


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