How to remove "Like this" from Google Reader

So are you getting mad after the last socials change made to Reader by Google and trying to find how to get rid of those annoying how many people like this post? If you are using Firefox based browser, here is the how to!

For hiding the socials stuff we will use CSS in something what is called user defined default styles. For Mozilla family browser you can defined special set of instructions which would modify user interface behaviour of your browser and also web pages. The instructions are stored in two separate files in user directory and names of the files are userChrome.css and userContent.css (you can read more about those on official Mozilla web site). We will be interested in userContent.css, which is used for modifying default behaviour of websites you visit.

But first of all we need to find, where is this file stored. On Linux machines it should be in user home in .chrome directory (/home/username/.chrome). On Windows is the situation different with each version - for Windows XP is the best way to do Start -> Run -> type %APPDATA% and hit Enter. The folder with the application data will appear, go to Mozilla -> Firefox -> Profiles -> Default profile directory -> chrome. In here create a new file called userChrome.css and put there this content:

.entry-likers { display: none ! important; }

Try to reload Google Reader page to check if the annoying socials Like this anchors are still there - if so, restart the browser and enjoy socials free Reader!


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