How to install software for Canon cameras

The title of this post sound little bit silly as one would say what kind of issue could be in such straightforward process like installing drivers for my digital camera. Well - if you have original disc from Canon then you are fine. But in case you lost the disc or just bought used camera without original accessories then Canon prepared a terrible horror for you. The company has its application published on their web pages but there is one problem with it - the packages are called as "Updaters" and they can not be installed as standalone versions. You have to insert original CD from Canon prior to installing those updates and that's it. So if you lost your CD's, you have to contact Canon and re-buy copies of those (or get some friend and ask him for copies). Unbelievable, huh?

I was in the described situation today and after almost 2 hours swearing and searching on the internet I've found solution. The short version which was working for me on my 64bit Windows 7 is here:

  • Create a new file on your drive called for example canon-installation.reg
  • Insert following content in it
  • double click in the newly created file so its content will be saved into registry
  • download and run the updater from Canon again and it won't be asking for original CD anymore

There is more info in Install Canon camera software without CD post with different versions for different operational systems including Apple's mac.


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