Installing HP printer/scanner in Linux

After updating my laptop to new version of Linux Mint (17.2) I found out that I can't print on my network HP printer. I've tried to re-install HP drivers but it wasn't as smooth as I thought. HP installation script kept refusing to install new version of their driver and kept telling me that the file doesn't match the checksum and that is probably corrupted. So in case if any of you would have similar issues, here is the super simple how-to.

First try to update/install the hplib package and run their scripts as maybe you are just lucky and it would work from scratch for you.

sudo apt-get install hpliphp-checkhp-doctor

In case you see following error:

Downloading plug-in from: error: Plugin download failed with error code = 8 error: file does not match its checksum. File may have been corrupted or altered

You will need to install new drivers manually - download both and files from the url below and put them into new directory. The go in the new directory run 'sh' and follow the instructions...


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