Where to host your wordpress site?

This week I was deciding where to migrate my wordpress sites as the current hosting at the Appfog is going to migrate to a new version of their platform which is not very well suited for our needs any more. There is hundreds and hundreds hosting solutions out there, some of them specialised purely on wordpress (ie. wordpress.com), some offering virtual machines (Amazon or Digital Ocean) or PaaS (as Appfog or Heroku). But I was after something fairly simple with little administration overhead and a with good pricetag. And then I've found Payperhost.com.

These guys claim to have a extensive experience with classic hosting solutions in Europe and they've decided to find a hole in the market and offer fast a cheap php hosting with pay as you go pricing. The hosting features are impressive - 2 locations (US and EU), both data & database on SSD drives, PHP scripts pre-compiled and served from memory and of course automatic backups. And the best thing is very aggressive pricing - little websites like this one cost US$1 per month (yes your are reading correct!).

They also offer reseller hosting with even better pricing and standard affiliate account with 20% fee. So if you are looking for fair and simple pricing with no hidden fees, give it a try. We've moved all our wordpress sites there and we are not looking back...


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